About Us

The Agency

We are a talent agency based in South London helping both local and international talent become recognised. We are a global company with links to Nollywood, with some of our films being shot, produced and distributed in Africa. We also operate within the UK producing a wide range of content from short films to feature length films.

We strive to give professional advice and help to those who want to work in the entertainment industry, specifically by holding workshops and producing films.

Benefits of Joining Us

We would provide a photoshoot and headshots for a set fee of £150, this would include a small portfolio of all your photographs.   

If you are interested in being a part of the agency then please get in touch via email, messaging via the website and calling us. 

About The Founder

My name is Tina Olaloko and I am the founder and creative director of Stars Casting. I studied at East15 drama school and attended a summer course at RADA. I graduated London South Bank University with a BA (Hons) Degree in Film Practice. After drama school I ran a drama group in South London called Brixton Theatre Group, based in St Matthews church. I have also worked for the Nigerian television authority alongside the cast and crew of Village Headmaster. I also produced a feature length Nollywood film in which I was the executive producer and also acted within the film. I have also acted within many television dramas and theatre productions and films. 

My passion for acting and filmmaking has inspired me to launch my own talent agency with the view of helping up and coming actors and filmmakers from every corner of the world to be able to follow their ambitions in becoming a part of the entertainment industry.

In my many years of acting and producing films, I have gained extensive knowledge, experience and contacts within both the UK industry and the Nollywood industry which has become globally recognised.

From my experience of being a struggling actor in my past, I have found that there is a gap in the film industry here in the UK for talent from different cultural backgrounds that should be explored as there is a very limited amount of media that portrays people from different cultures and I strongly believe this needs to change and opportunities should be given and money should be invested in the young talent here in the UK, especially people of colour. And here at Stars Casting we are hoping to make a difference!